Wheel Repair

(Curb Rash)

Wheel Repair

Starts from $65

$65 /wheel

Price subject to change based on consultation

First, we check that the wheel is balanced and there’s no major damage. If there is, we repair that wheel before the cosmetic repairs. 

wheel repair

Being on the road can result in some nasty wheel damage. Sometimes this damage can leave
you thinking that your wheels are unsalvageable. If you’re looking for a trustworthy wheel repair
shop in Henderson or Las Vegas, Precision wheels & automotive specialist is here to serve
you Whether you’re dealing with curb damage, cracks in your wheels, wheel corrosion or need a
wheel restoration, precision wheels and automotive specialists LLC is here for you. All of our
technicians have over 10 years experience. In this industry. And that’s not the only service that
we provide. If your car is needing a new look. We do custom coloring, powder coating, and even
little simple curb rash as well. We are a team of highly qualified technicians that takes your
safety Seriously and can take on any job and we stand behind all of our work as your
satisfaction and safety is our number 1 priority .

wheel repair
wheel repair
wheel repair