About Precision Wheels & Auto

Hi, my name is Justin Burke, I am the founder of Precision Wheels.

I was born in South Carolina. I moved to Las Vegas when I was three years old. I grew up on the east side of Las Vegas and Henderson area. Graduating from Chaparral High School in 2000. I married Katie Burke. We have 3 beautiful children. 

Back in 2010 my best friend Jon Bettencourt was the owner of five-star handyman service, and I worked with him doing home repairs.  

Jon was always on me about starting my own business. I’ve always had a passion for cars. In doing cosmetic repairs. 

So, Jon and I decided to start a side business fixing wheels out of the back of a pickup truck fixing curb rash. On the side of the road or on the side of gas stations or even in an empty lot, it didn’t matter we were there if or when you needed us, we were there grinding away in the blistering heat, it didn’t matter.

We saved enough money to get a 6×12 enclosed trailer so we could start offering more services like automotive detailing, over time we started making a reputation for ourselves how precise we were and how we did nothing but precision work.

Jon and I decided to take this to the next level and we got fully licensed and insured and we brought PRECISION WHEELS & AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALIST LLC  to the valley to serve you.

 We opened a shop located at 350 N Boulder hwy in Henderson.  We now offer a huge number of amazing services to accommodate you and your vehicle.

 we want to help you bring your imagination to reality at Precision Wheels. As we offer many custom services to fulfill your image of the way you want your vehicle to look.

 We specialize in protecting your investment, so you drive a brand-new car every day you pull out of your driveway protecting your investment is our number one priority. 

 That’s why we use top of the line products, and we back our work with a limited lifetime warranty on all our protective films or coatings we provide. 

 If you just bought your vehicle and don’t like the stock look but don’t know where to start that’s what we are here for. we are your one stop shop.

 Our technicians will sit down with you and go over ideas to help you bring your imagination to reality.  We want to make sure that the custom fit you’re looking for fits you. As we specialize in all custom repairs! With our powder coating. Chrome delete packages. And much more!

 Our technicians have over 20 years’ experience to help assist you in making the right choice for you and your investment we Guarantee. A five-star experience, when you visit Precision Wheels.


We are the best choice for car servicing in the area. We provide high quality services every time at a competitive price. 

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